The Storm Warriors (2009) - Swords Scene
Contribution: All particle animation

(1) Done with Maya particle instancer. All animation is expression driven. Custom UI have been built to allow fast feedback when fine tuning the particle motion.

(2) Beside random vibration, rotation, floating and twisting animation of the instances, expression is used to switch the geometry to visually fake the effect of sword being broken up. After breaking up, the swords will select and flow along a nearest curve from a group of user defined curves.

(3) Since there is a whole series of similar shot in the movie, I built a script such that other artist can set up their scene with custom UI and start to animate the seconds in seconds.

The Storm Warriors (2009) - Daemon Scene
Contribution: All particle animation and shading

(1) My goal is to create particles trail effects while maintaining their reaction to all Maya field so that a fluidic particle trail motion is possible.

(2) Particles will identify their parent once they are born and will follow his parent for the rest of their life.

(3) Custom 3Delight shader has been created to add stylistic particle shading.

(4) Custom tools have been built to allow a one click setup of the whole particle system for other artists.
The Storm Warriors (2009) - Swords Scene II
Contribution: All particle animation

My goal is to animate the swords geometry (particle instances) to react to deformation of a animated geometry once they hit and stopped by it. The particles constantly updating the normal information at their collision point and adjust their orientation accordingly.
The Storm Warriors (2009) - Destruction Scene I
Contribution: All particle and rigid body simulation, volumetric rendering, custom animation exporting tools for Houdini/Maya pipeline

The last scene of "The Storm Warriors" is a full CG shot depicting the collapse of a mountain. I did all the rigid body simulation and volumetric effect rendering. Simulation is done in Houdini. Volumetric effect is done in 3dsmax with FumeFX and Afterburn. Particle debris are added in Maya.

 We had problem exporting the simulated geometry form Houdini to Maya since of the high poly count. I built a custom python script to export only animation data from Houdini without exporting the geometry itself, which make the export much much faster.
The Storm Warriors (2009) - Destruction Scene II
Contribution: Rigid body simulation

My goal is to simulate the destruction of one of the main character. Rigid body and particle debris simulation is done in Houdini.
The Storm Warriors (2009) - Tornado Scene
Contribution: All particle (instances and sprite) animation, shading and rendering

In this scene, hundreds of brick geometry raised from the ground and turn into a tornado. Done with maya instances. Dusts are particle sprite rendered with 3Delight.
Canon (2010) - Frog Scene
Contribution: All animation, textures, shading, lighting and rendering

This is a commercial for a digital camera product from Canon. All done in maya. I use Mental Ray for the final renderer.
L2 (2010) - Mercury Scene
Contribution: Realflow particle scripting, simulation, rendering and compositing

This is a commercial for a fashion brand. Realflow is used to simulate the particles. The particles are fully controlled by script such that they will procedurally search for nearest point of a geometry and upward to create a crawling effect
Icberg Scene (2008)
Full CG personal project

Main geometry prepared in Zbrush. Fragment are generated in Houdini. Render with Vray. Composite in Nuke.
B2 (2008)
Full CG personal project

Modeling in 3dsmax. Volumetric cloud using Afterburn. Render with Vray. Composite in Nuke.
Washitsu (2008)
Full CG personal project

Modeling in 3dsmax. Render with Vray. Composite in Nuke
Full CG personal project

Sculpt with Zbrush. Render with Vray. Composite in Nuke.